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21 Aug

Yesterday while I was out doing some running around I got a cell phone call from my sweetie, and she let me know that my much awaited package from Dragon Leatherworks. My VC Edition Talon arrived. I immedialty stopped what I was doing returned home and unpacked it.

I should preface this by saying that although I have been carrying for a mighty long time I have never owned and used a fully leather holster. All of my holsters have either been kydex or kydex/ Leather hybrid like the MTAC so I didn’t know necessarily what to expect.

The first thing I noticed is that it was THIN the pictures do not show how thin this holster truly is. I also noticed a great aroma of new leather and some sort of sealing or treatment. The smell was really just present when I opened the box and likely was just because it was hot outside and I can only imagine how warm it was in the back of that mail truck.

Once I put the holster on I was really surprised, from reading about the holster online I thought the holster would ride pretty low and this be a problem for concealment. In honesty it rode nice and high and my normal cover garment worked without any issue. I put it on and then walked around the house for a while and then went back out to finish my errands. I was VERY impressed with how comfortable the holster was specifically while driving which is great because I do a lot of driving and I have a knack for putting my holster in the way of the female end of the seat belt.

I again wore my holster today before work, it has been very comfortable, I barely feel it regardless of which chair I sit in or how I move.  Besides the comfort factor the holster looks amazing, it has the VC logo and the coloration is damn good looking.

Now I covered the good to be fair I should add a few little nitpicks I have. This holster is MIGHTY tight. I know that being all leather and new it will likely stretch out and adjust. If it doesn’t loosen up I will end up taking it into the bathroom when I shower like Dennis has recommended for Stingray.

I will post a more full review when I have worn the holster for a few weeks and can get a more accurate description of how it has performed.




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