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I am back

17 Nov

My last post was in Oct of 2014 so I essentially took a year off blogging. Oh sure I meant to blog and if you ask most of the other bloggers I speak with it doesn’t matter anyway since as the famous Breda once said “Blogging is dead”. While that may be true I figured I would fire this thing up again just to blow the dust off.

Which is basically what had to happen in the year that I had been gone I hadn’t  logged into the blog at all so it needed some massive wordpress updates, a new password and a good shake down. Of course there were a few days where my domain actually expired because for some reason it wasnt set to auto renew. All that is said and done and now I am going to be posting rants about whatever and mostly using this site for reviews of products that think about and posting some of my gopro footage. (Assuming I chain myself to the desk to actually start editing.)

Of course with the election coming up you can expect some good rants on things stupid politicians do.

So as Rachel Maddow would say, watch this space.




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