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Some days its just not meant to be.

13 Oct

Today just isn’t my day but at least it ended humorously. First the Seattle Seahawks lost. Then after the game we decided to go to Walmart. While we were at the Puyallup Walmart I saw a good price on a rifle that I’ve been looking at but it was out of stock. (Understandable since its the first weekend of deer season). Just for the heck of it we decided to go up to the Bonney Lake Walmart. I got up to the gun counter and tell the guy what I am looking for, he tells me that they have what I am looking for but that their prices is $98 higher than the Puyallup Walmart. I ask him if he can figure out the correct price and match the Puyallup price. He tells me that he really can’t do anything BUT that a different associate who is currently on lunch can. Ok so we end up waiting about 45minutes talk to the other associate. During this time I called the Puyallup Walmart just to double check the price and make sure I wasn’t nuts. After the new guy gets back from lunch I talk to him and realize the first guy was looking at the wrong price. Which explains the $98 price difference. However there is still a $20 price difference between the 2 stores but I am willing to figure that out.
He tells me they don’t have one on the rack but that they have one in the back. Ok, lets do this. ONLY AT THIS POINT does he bring up the fact that they don’t have a manager working to actually conduct a firearms sale.
So I ended up waiting an hour to talk to a guy about a gun? Why did neither associate mention to me that they were incapable of actually conducting a sale.
I understand that while the store is 24hrs not every department can do every sale all of the time. However at the point that I tell the first associate that I am going to wait, one would think that it was a good time to tell me that I can’t actually buy what I am inuring about.
I then get home and find out that my NY Giants are getting blown out in their game as well. I should be disappointed but at this point all I can do is laugh. Of course these are all first world problems so I should just be grateful that these are my biggest concerns.


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