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The gun community and my faith in it.

21 May

It’s no secret that the only real damage to our cause has been done by members of our own community especially recently.

The pro gun groups win in court, we win in most demographic groups and our progress is only slowed by idiots jumping the shark and thinking a low ready rifle should be treated the same as a holstered handgun when out in public.

Frankly this week my faith in our cause was damaged. Until today when I went to the range. A guy about my age brought his mom to the range. Sadly the cheap bulk pack .22lr he had wouldn’t cycle his 10/22. I offered to trade him about 50rounds of CCI mini mags for about 100 rounds of his bulk pack (armscorp). He agreed. So I shot the 100rounds out of my .22 revolver and all was happy.

Then another shooter completely randomly offered to let me shoot his Ruger redhawk in .45lc because he said “it hurts my hand but I love the sound”.

All together it reaffirmed my faith in the gun community after all the junk this week with idiots at chipotle ruining it all for us.

At the range today there was a broad spectrum of ages, cultures and people in general. It reminded me of what we fight for.

On Easter my mom went to the range with my us. It’s the first time she has ever gone with me. She hasn’t touched a gun since before I was born when she took a basic handgun course under the idea that if Dad was going to have guns in the house she should know how to handle and use them.

By the end of the afternoon she was shooting my AR like a pro and shot everything from my .22lr revolver to my M&P pistol. It was a special day for my brother and I to share the hobby that my Dad got us into.

Also it was really pretty amazing to get to shoot with my Dad since we hadn’t been to the range together in years.

My last two range days have really been some of my best for no other reason and they reminded me that gun rights protects really important but sometimes abstract things like freedom and civil society but they also are a great way for families to rally together and spend an afternoon doing something fun. My only regret is that I didn’t get any video of my wife and my Mom shooting side by side. Because that moment was full of so much win I couldn’t contain myself.

Now if only I could replace all the .22lr ammo I’ve shot up recently.


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