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Bushmaster Carbon 15 Follow up Review.

18 Feb

I bought my Carbon-15 on Halloween of 2012. Its no surprise that when I bought it I wasn’t the only person buying an AR at the time. But I didn’t know anybody else with one of these. In fact until about a week prior to buying it I didn’t even know that anybody made a rifle with a carbon/polymer receiver.


All the review that I read on line were terrible for the “1st generation” and pretty solid for the second gen rifles. Well I have now had the rifle for about a year and a half and although I have only put about 12oornds through it. So far it is perfect. One of the debates that happens with this rifle as well as many AR-15 style rifles is that you aren’t supposed to run steel cased ammo through it. Well I am here to say that at least 500 of the 1200 I have but through the gun have been steel. While I understand that it is harder on the gun it has yet to choke and if I experience a FTE I will certainly post about it.

The rifle came with a pretty cheap reddot scope that actually worked really well BUT its still a 1x reddot so I want to put a better scope on it for some longer range shooting because frankly I suck without a little magnification. The rifle also came with a hard sized rifle case that is virtually useless because it doesn’t actually hold the rifle with the scope that they provided mounted. Also although the rifle came with 2 steel 20rnd mags I run pretty much exclusively Pmag-30’s.

So a 16months later the rifle is performing great and as soon as I put a better optic on it should be set up as a nice predator gun. Of course my long term plan is to get a nice .300blk upper and use it as my deer gun but that may take a few more days of overtime to accomplish.


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    March 28, 2014 at 7:17 pm

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