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Compact Movie Review “Lone Survivor”

28 Jan

A few months back I started seeing trailers and advertisements for “Lone Survivor” from those trailers it looked like a really good military action movie. I expected to see this decades “Black Hawk Down” and I was in for that. Then the weekend it came out my twitter feed and Facebook timeline exploded with positive and stunning reviews from everybody all of my friends that have either served in the military or have kids in the military. This changed my entire perspective, now I knew I needed to see this movie but I also knew that it wasn’t going to be a throw away thriller. Instead it was an experience. I actually saw this movie by myself and I am kind of glad I did because it got mighty dusty in that theater at the end. As somebody who has never served in the military this movie reminded me of what is going on in a far off land on a far more often basis than I think I would like to acknowledge. The fact that its been so well received by my friends and family that have been deployed tells me that the produces of this movie got a lot of things right. While I am sure there was some artistic license taken at some point this movie still falls into the category that I would expect it to be shown in High Schools in the next few years.

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