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The government shutdown and my outlook on it.

04 Oct

Here are my quickly scribbled thoughts on what is now day 3 of this shutdown.

1. It’s virtually inevitable they the employees that have been furloughed will receive backpay just like they did in 1995 so the proper term is really paid vacation. Basically it looks to me like this has about as much effect as the week between Christmas and New Years where it seems like just about everybody is out of their office.

2. Yes I’m tired of both sides whining. The republicans are still bitter that they couldn’t put together a coherent argument to beat Obamacare and the Democrats are doing everything they can to try and prove the importance of their role by making it hurt more, such as shutting WWII veterans out of the national WWII memorial.

3. I hope that we all remember this come election time but I fear that yet again we will have a country that simply votes for the politicians that promise the most free stuff to the most people.

4. I encourage all of you regardless of if you have employer sponsored healthcare to visit the websites for the health care exchanges and look at the prices. At least for my wife and I we realized that the individual mandate to buy a private service was absolutely unreasonable and the prices were bloated due to the red tape included in all of the plans.


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