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Another busy and fun weekend.

11 Sep

For the past 3 days my lovely wife and I have been celebrating our anniversary. We came home yesterday after driving 449 miles visiting 4 casinos and finding an amazing hotel that we cant wait to return to. Each year my wife and I spend 1 night at a lovely little cottage overlooking Puget sound and stay in the same cabin. Then we find somewhere different for the second night. That’s exactly what we did this time and we loved it. Few things are better than waking up with no agenda and deciding where to go.

Oh sure we could have planned our route more efficiently since a lot of times we visited the same casino more than once but this was about us wandering and enjoying the great weather and each others company.

It was amazing in every way, but alas today its back to work for both of us and I’m just not quite feeling ready to get in the shower so why not stall a little longer and finally post something on the blog right? Maybe later I will expand on this post and fill in all the details of what we did and which places we liked.

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