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We’ve all got our vices.

13 Jun

I don’t have a particularly stressful job however I do occasionally have stress from other sources that can make me stress out at work.

While I always chew gum at work and normally go through a 15stick pack in the course of a 12hr shift I have noticed that when I stress out I change out my gum more often. It’s odd but Something I’ve noticed. My coworker this week is well let’s just say he’s a special kind of special. He can twist my buttons in such a way to cause me stress. Well guess what. I’m not even 6hrs into my shift and I’ve got exactly 2 sticks of gum left.

Consider that a barometer of my mood for the day.

Now the good thing for you is I also blog when I’m stressed so my next break might spur a great blog post.


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  1. Tia

    July 10, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    Haha!!!!!! It’s really funny how I can hear your voice when you say “he is that special kind of special” haaaaaa!!!!! Him is good tho! :)