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Fun with search results.

28 Mar

A long time ago in an old episode of vicious circle Stingray brought up that he was proud of the fact that he was the top search result in google when you searched “HS precision”. If you know the history of either stingray or HS that will fill you with glee.

Since then I have kept an eye on what I might be the top result for.

Right now I am the top text search result for “Bushmaster Carbon 15 review”. While its a bit of a long search string it directs a lot of traffic to my blog since the carbon 15’s have been some of the first AR’s to occasionally show back up on store shelves.

I’m glad that people are visiting that specific page because I do love my carbon 15 and if I could find some extra ammo for it I would show you how much I love it with a more detailed review.


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