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Weight Watchers Week 23 Update

12 Mar

Ok we are going to forget that I haven’t done one of these in 4 weeks. Not because I haven’t made progress in my weight loss but because  I have been unbelievably frustrated with a million things in my life. Weight loss only being one of them. I have kept the faith and stayed on my points. But I have also made some less than perfect choices in my food selection. This week my wife and I had a long conversation and I decided to try the “simply filling” option from Weight watchers where you only, eat foods from a pre-selected list but you can eat them in an unlimited volume. The biggest thing for me on this is it essentially prevents my wife and I from eating out, this will be a good thing for us because this week I had my first significant weight gain. I gained 2.8lbs. That’s comparable to what I did over the holiday season.

Also my new weight watchers leader which should have started this week was out of town so we had a substitute and next week we will start with our new leader. I am excited to see what she does different than our prior leader. Between the new leader and my new method of food selection I will be living the manta “cautiously optimistic” this week.


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