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Weight Loss week 2 Update

18 Oct

As usual Monday was our weekly weigh in. This week was a little tough for me because I really expected a better weight loss than I had. This weeks total was just over 2lbs. While technically this is a steady step in the right direction and a good pace its not really up to my standards and I don’t feel that it validated the amount of effort I put in this week. But this ain’t 3rd grade and effort isn’t what your judged on.

If I had to pick a single factor that hurt my weight loss this week it was that we had a birthday party for my Grandmother-in-law on Sunday and I have not perfected social situations full of food yet. I am a classic picker/snacker so when their is a counter full of food its tough to just walk away.

After our weight watchers meeting I had a short conversation with our group leader about these situations, frankly her insight wasn’t anything new its really all just about creating new habits.

The other thing I found out this week is that frankly I need to either give up going out to eat or totally change my tastes. Even with the help of the fact that most restaurants post full nutrition facts on their websites and a smart phone attached to my hip spending the first 15 minutes of dinner calculating points of menu options I might be interested in certainly changes the experience  I usually end up just picking something that sounds healthier than something else and calculating the points while I wait.

You might notice that I added the visual weight loss tracker on my sidebar, I am still not totally happy with it so expect some tweaking in the future but at least its their. Also because I was in a data nerd mood I created a set of spreadsheets with my average point consumption and tracked how many points I have left over each day. Currently I generally go to bed with about 20 points left over out of my current 64 points, this should help me speed up my weight loss as well as let me create the habits necessary since my points diminish as I loose weight.


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  1. Siddhartha

    October 19, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    When I had or have bad eating days, I just exercise to make up for it. Plus you can use that to bank points for drinking alcohol on the weekends.

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