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Final Review of NM collector

20 Aug

So several weeks ago I started toying with the NM collector software. Then my laptop fan started sounding like a coffee grinder. So I have been using my iPad more.

This means that when I am aimlessly killing time I don’t naturally think about the review I have been meaning to complete. So better late than never.

The software itself sets up really easy and without any hassles. My version came on a self contained USB thumb drive. This was a huge plus for me since it means that my inventory is not stored on my PC or any cloud based storage.

Overall I really liked the functionality and although like any data entry system it took some time to fill in all the fields with each piece of information when its all done it is very much worth it.

Right now I have only input my guns and some of my pocket knives just to check it all out and play with the software a little bit but I could see using this software for not only other collections which for me include model gas station trucks (Like you get from the old HESS gas stations).

I think it might also be useful for jewelry. Although at this point my wife doesn’t have a ton of pieces that are hyper valuable since input is easy WHY NOT keep accurate records in case of insurance loss or other disaster.

There is no question that this software is comprehensive and built to handle collections of virtually any size without issue. While my gun collection is small it’s already helpful to be able to sort the data in different ways.

I am going to begin using this software to track ammunition specifically my shotgun ammo that I use for trap and sporting clays.

With all this functionality I must give one warning. If you are going to catalogue all of your valuables and specifically guns, and it’s all going to be in one electronic record. MAKE A BACK UP AND WHEN YOUR DONE MAKE ANOTHER ONE TO STORE OFFSITE. This information is very sensitive so if you store the information on the above mentioned jump drive don’t leave that thing around and don’t store it in the same place as the valuables that are recorded in it.



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