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My New Hobby

30 Jun

A few weeks ago I got a Gopro Hero 3+ camera for my birthday. Since then I have been playing with it in a bunch of different ways. I put a mount on the dashboard of my truck and filmed my drive to work and I put another on the windshield of my motorcycle for capturing some rides. Then I took the big leap and took the camera under water. For me this was a big deal because I am especially paranoid about electronics in water. But with the confidence from a little internet research and the assurance that the GoPro came with a waterproof case good to well past where I was using it I did it.

Underwater filming may be my new favorite use for this camera. My first videos were just at a local lake with me putting the camera on the end of a 5ft telescopic monopod and catching great glimpses of weeds and such. But this past weekend we took a little road trip out to the small town of Poulsbo, WA and there before me I saw a big dock with tons of empty slips. I waltzed down to the dock and put my camera on the end of the same monopod to see what I could catch on the camera. When I reviewed the footage I was surprised to see I saw a bunch of fish right underneath the dock.

So below are a few short videos I put together, frankly at this point I suck at video editing but I am learning. Most of my experience with video editing was in a video edit lab in HS 10yrs ago so editing on my iPad is a whole new world (but a heck of a lot quicker).


Jumping RC Car off Deck



Fish under dock



Long day but lots of fun

20 Aug

Today started at 530am when I got up and took the motorcycle out to my buddies about 45miles away. We rode out another 15miles or so for breakfast and then took the long way home stopping to take pictures of snoqualmie falls.

After I got home I was home less than 25minutes before the whole family was out the door to go for a hike across the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

After that it was a late picnic lunch on the waterfront and then as we were leaving a car full of 3 young girls in the parking lot of the waterfront had a flat tire and between the 3 of them they didn’t stand a chance of changing it so my wife gave me the “go ahead we will wait look”. All I can say is if your going to drive a car know how to change a damn tire or have AAA on speed dial.

After 10min later of her looking for her special socket to take off her aftermarket rims we got it all squared away.

Then it was off to Walmart for a few quick things and then costco for a few more. In the parking lot of Costco an elderly lady piloted her full cart of food off a curb tipping it into the parking lot. Luckily a Costco employee was there to help us pick up the cart and to replace the strawberries that were a causality of the fall. After that was off to dinner with the family and finally some grocery shopping for the week.

It’s now 9pm and I have been in the house less than an hour since 5am.

I think it’s time for bed.


A different version of get off my lawn.

22 May

As I talked about earlier my wife and I put some serious effort into building new raised beds and filling them full of veggies.

Honestly I’m pretty happy with what we have so far. But this weekend I noticed that something has been eating and or pulling up my corn plants and some of the squash. It’s in an area the dog doesn’t go and as of yet he hasn’t tried to mess with any of the other plants. So my next best guess is that it’s squirrels. We have a ton of tree squirrels in the area. While I’m not opposed to plugging them with a pellet gun that requires me to catch them in the act.

So here I turn to you my faithful readers. Any methods to keep these things away? Of course it’s got to be safe to use in a yard that the dog runs around in.


The burger that changed my life

18 May

Five years ago today I went out for dinner to a restaurant that I had been to probably in the neighborhood of 75times. Of those many times at least half of those times I ordered the same thing.

The restaurant is the Raccoon lodge in Beaverton, Oregon. My order was a ring tail burger with ale battered fries and a coke.

But on that Day May 18th 2008 something was different. I spent dinner with a very sweet young lady that I had met a few week previous online. We shared dinner and had a spectacular time. It was a dinner full of conversation and laughter and that night changed my life.

That sweet young lady is now my beautiful wife. That girl who was understandably a little shy and nervous that night has now conquered challenges that no one ever expected and she has always come out the other side. Together her and I have been through struggles big and small. In the past 5yrs we have both been unemployed at different times. We have both had family situations that could have destroyed families. And we have both come out the other side stronger and most importantly together.

The first huge challenge in our relationship was when she moved back to Washington from Oregon so while we stayed together we only saw each other when weekends lined up and finances allowed for the road trip. While that arrangement existed for essentially a full year. Less than 2 months into it, her world and by correlation my world was shaken to the core. She lost her father in an unexpected event. But even in the face of such huge tragedy she always made sure that I was ok and that I was happy. I knew before that day that I loved her but it was that event that made me realize how amazing she was and that I would marry that girl. So in September of 2010 we married and I got to start a whole new chapter of my life with the greatest companion that God has have created. Since that day there have been more struggles and more victories. We’ve been broke and we’ve been financially blessed at times. We’ve had days where we worry about making bills and we’ve had a surprise trip to the country music awards awarded to us.

There have been car accidents and new cars, there’s been plenty of experiences and I am very glad to get to share them with her. Of course there has been many more life events in the past 5yrs and many more to come.

But most importantly we’ve been through it all together.


Happy Anniversary SQRPT

14 Mar

Happy Anniversary to my favorite podcast The Squirrel Report. Tonight is their 50th episode. I have called in to many of these shows but all the work is done by Alan,Breda,JayG,and Weerd. All of whom are linked in my sidebar.

Tonight they are doing a special episode and making a big announcement. I don’t have any insight as to what that news is. But their call in topic is share your favorite Pie Flavor.

So visit the show page for details


Restrictions on fake guns too?

25 Jan

Looks like EvylRobot discovered something pretty interesting.

Glock has decided that it doesn’t want the blue rubber replicas of its firearms sold to the general public.

Glock restricts the sale of Glock Blueguns to the Public. We are restricted to selling Glock Blueguns to the Police, Military, Trainers, Police Distributors, or Holster Manufacturers

Full story here.


Weight Watchers Week 16 Update

23 Jan

This update is pretty short and sweet, my wife and I went on vacation to an amazing German town surrounded by great food and even better beer. We decided to live a little and the friends we were with enjoyed stopping at every restaurant and bar as we wandered through town. So we ate a LOT. But since I have 5 days until my next weight watchers meeting I plan to buckle down get back to my normal routine and still end up loosing at least a little bit of weight.


Today’s meeting between Biden and the NRA

10 Jan

I was going to write a post saying that we can’t back down and we need to make this the anti’s last stand. But then friend and fellow blogger DaddyBear posted a near perfect response. Go read it.


My 2013 Goals

01 Jan

So rather than setting resolutions I have decided to set goals in all different parts of my life. So here they are.

1. Pass 100lbs of total weigh loss mark. Right now I am just shy of 40lbs lost and that has been since Oct 1st 2012. I believe this to be an achievable goal.

2. Shoot 2500 total rounds this year and log and track them all. I am pretty good about logging my ammo shot when it comes to my shotgun and my new AR but beyond that I am not tracking anything.

3. Learn to reload. Sounds simple now I just gotta do it.

4. End 2013 with $0 credit card debt. We aren’t buried in debt but there is also a little hanging out there. I am fine with a car payment and my student loan but for me credit cards mostly represent extras.

5. Take 3 new shooters to the range. I am pretty well set up for a new shooter to tag along but it rarely happens. I hope to change this.

6. Get my first deer. I have been hunting but have yet to shoot my first deer. I hope to remedy this shortage.


Weight Watchers Week 12

27 Dec

This week was very different than most as far as weight loss goals go. I only lost a fraction of a pound but given the holiday season that’s kind of expected.

Even though my weigh in was prior to Christmas dinner where I ate way too much prime rib I am working on seeing at least a little bit of a loss this next week. I had one rough day (Christmas) and I have been trying to increase my activity level the rest of the week to account for that. It also helped that all of the side dishes at our dinner were weight watchers friendly so no smashed potatoes with creme or anything like that.

This upcoming week shouldn’t be too bad. I have a New Years party on New Year’s Eve but we are making a lot of the food for that so we can make smart choices.

I will be missing my normal Monday evening meeting due to the holiday but plan to weigh in on Wednesday before work. The holiday season is always tough but I plan to continue to be successful through it. So far I have list 37.4lbs and I set a personal goal of hitting 50lbs lost by the end of January. It’s an ambitious but achievable goal in my eyes.