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A note on the passing of time

09 May

Today for the first time ever I had to leave work in the middle of a shift due to feeling ill. I really don’t call in sick maybe 1day every year and a half or so. This was the first day that I ever went to work and then had to leave. From 10am-11:15am when I was waiting for my relief to come take over that hour seemed like it was taking forever to pass. My 45min drive home seemed to take forever too. But when I came home and fell asleep for 2hrs. THOSE house went very quickly. Anyway here I am resting catching up on Netflix and some blogging.


Random thought #463828

27 Apr

Random break time thought. Facebook and other social media allows us to have a very broad interaction with the world but most of us only friend and like pages that we “agree with”.

There is an oddly therapeutic effect to flipping through a page that you either know nothing about or disagree entirely with. For me it not only sharpens and reaffirms my beliefs but it allows me a more full understanding of the discussion.


An odd scene tonight.

22 Apr

Very troublesome scene tonight while visiting my parents down in portland As I pulled up the local cops where raiding the house across the street. Pulling out enough extension cords to make my grizwald style Christmas display look tiny and literally pillow case sized bags of drugs. Not the neighborhood I grew up in but I know it can happen anywhere.

It’s late and I’m tired so that’s about the extent of my thoughts but it got me thinking.


Thoughts on today

24 Mar
  • This morning I started out busily working away starting laundry and then doing dishes. By 9am I went outside to start mowing the lawn only to find that there still was frost on the lawn.
  • I kept myself occupied for a few extra hours so I didn’t have to wear a jacket to mow the lawn it was very productive and during that period I had a great conversation with my mother in law. I really am pretty grateful to have such an amazing family. Lately that has become pretty clear to me.
  • Finally about 1pm I started mowing the lawn, I hate my mower with a passion and its certainly next on the list of things to get replaced. On a side note I wish I knew more about the function of small engines. I’m pretty sure a little work on it would be beneficial but I’ve done all I can do and most of the places around me have bench charges that are high enough to make a new mower look like a better option.
  • The lawn is mowed, the front yard is at least mostly cleaned up of leaves and debris, this makes me feel like I got something accomplished  but looking into the backyard reminds me of how much I have left to get the yard really looking nice.

I’m glad nobody saw my face during this

22 Mar

Gun geek moment of the day: while reading a facebook post from a gun shop down in Portland I see a gun with the model M&P 10 referenced. I immediately assume that smith and Wesson decided to make 10mm version of their popular M&P pistol. I then get sad to find out that instead it is a reference to the AR-10 so it’s a cool rifle chambered in .308win. Neat but not particularly interesting to me right now.


What ammo sales guys do when they are out of ammo?

22 Mar

Got these videos in an email today from the fine folks at 

All three of the videos had me laughing very hard at work and I had to show them off to a few of the other guys that were around today.

Each video makes a case for why that caliber is the greatest caliber in the world.


WHY 9mm is the greatest


WHY .40S&W is the Greatest


WHY .45acp is the Greatest


Watch the videos and then go off and argue why your choice is the best.





A Review of How I Spent My Sunday- Washington Hunters Education Class

18 Mar

I grew up camping, hiking and fishing. Mostly through Scouting but my father made sure that I had a fishing pole in my hand by about the time I could walk. However one aspect of the outdoors that I had surprising little exposure to was hunting. This is for a variety of reasons but mostly it was just about not having any adults in my life whom hunted. Then about 5yrs ago I was invited to go hunting with a few buddies of mine. It was a pretty simple task, I packed up my Mosin M44 (the only center fire rifle I owned) bought some cheap Walmart camo and hit the road with them. I learned a lot that weekend, mostly that I am not by nature a quite person. Its amazing how easy it is to make a lot of noise when nothing around you is making noise. I also learned that the ability to nail a 100 yd paper target from a bench really has very little to do with shooting with your rifle resting on a half-rotted stump while your leaning in between two other tree’s.

So in short I knew almost nothing about hunting other than what was legally required. I knew my gun safety from years of shooting but I kept looking at hunting as a shooting sport which it is not. I knew my hunting rules/regs but that was more out of a sense of not wanting to lose my license or gear.

Then a little over 2yrs ago I moved to Washington and become fast friends with a man that is essentially my wife’s grandfather. He is a great guy whom I spend a lot of time with at the trap range, he and I see eye to eye on pretty much everything and I have learned a lot about a lot of things from him. To say that he hunts is an understatement. The proper way to put it would be that he has an unbroken track record of something like 35yrs of continuously having a hunting license and has hunted everything from moose in Alaska to pests around the property. But mostly he is a deer and elk hunter. Logic would have it that if I want to learn how to hunt, this would be a damn good source to learn from. Only one problem, in Washington I need to attend a hunters ED class to buy my license. Again this should of been simple spend a weekend in a class take the test and be done with it. Well except for the fact that the vast majority of my work hours come on weekends. So last year I decided to take the online Hunters-ed course, that WA state offers. Frankly it was VERY boring. Each of the slides has a minimum timer on it and the timers are LOOONG so you end up reading each slide and answering the questions and then having a few minutes to do anything else before you can click, NEXT. Because of this and because I got bored with it for a while since about 1/2 of the online course is identifying parts of a firearm and firearms safety I plugged away at that online course here and there but never just busted it out until last December.

After the online course you are required to do a 4hr field skills evaluation, essentially the practical test of what you learned. No problem, except for that WA state has way too few of those classes so they fill up FAST. Its very difficult to get into one and about 90% of them happen on Saturday’s which normally means losing a days pay to take the class.

But I got lucky I found one class that was offered on a Sunday (my day off), it happened to be about 75miles away from my house but that’s ok it was worth the drive. An added bonus was that it was hosted at a Boy Scout camp. For me there is something special about spending time at a Scout camp. Many of my best memories were formed at camps like that.

So this morning I drove out to Camp Pigott Boy Scout camp and attended the field course. The first half of the course is a 2hr review of the printed material mostly centered on basic firearms safety and basic hunting rules/regs. Actually a very good fundamental firearms safety course in itself. Then we moved out into the field where each student is handed a firearm, you properly show how to load/unload the gun and how to maintain proper muzzle control. You then take the gun and group up with 2 other people and 2 instructors. The 5 of you walk around a trail course of decoys set up as animals. As you come to each animal you have to determine if they are safe, legal, and ethical to shoot. I liked the fact that there was a big variety of setups. We practiced everything from how to cross a fence with a firearm to how to get in and out of a boat with the firearm. We even spent some time talking about animal ID and shot placement.

Overall the class was informative and I regret stalling to long to take it. I will definitely be sending my future children to it even just for the fact that it is one of the best firearms safety classes I have seen in a long time. It was informative and had a lot of actual gun handing, we did fire 3 rounds each from a .22lr rifle where you had to show basic order of operations and how to load and unload. I was pretty happy with myself putting all 3 rounds into the same hole but then again I was using a scoped .22lr at 20yds so it wasn’t exactly a sniper shot.

I want to give a big thank you to the 15 instructors of the course, all of whom where volunteers they did a great job at running a really well organized class with very few hiccups over the course of the day.

Also I wanted to add 2 unrelated notes, first all the guns we handed where Mossberg brand rifles and shotguns fitted with bright orange  stocks. It was very interesting to see how different people react to different guns. Because the students in the class ranged from an old man who has hunted for many years but not in WA and never took a hunters ed course to an 8yr old girl who looked like she weighed about the same as the Mossberg 930 I selected to carry around. Many of the students where not “gun people” but ended up asking a lot of good questions about the guns that they were holding, my thought is that this could turn into some really good marketing for Mossberg since they are the ones offering this 5 gun set specifically for Hunters-ed classes.

Secondly, after talking with a lot of the other students MANY of us had driven quite a distance because this really is the only Sunday class offered within quite a good geographic area. I will be bringing this up with the guy that runs Hunters Ed at my local range and see if we can get a Sunday Class scheduled since this one seemed to be very successful.


Happy Anniversary SQRPT

14 Mar

Happy Anniversary to my favorite podcast The Squirrel Report. Tonight is their 50th episode. I have called in to many of these shows but all the work is done by Alan,Breda,JayG,and Weerd. All of whom are linked in my sidebar.

Tonight they are doing a special episode and making a big announcement. I don’t have any insight as to what that news is. But their call in topic is share your favorite Pie Flavor.

So visit the show page for details


It’s PI day go enjoy it.

14 Mar

3/14 it’s PI day. At my super geeky high school this was the most important day of the year.

Not so much any more but it’s still cool.


It’s been one of THOSE weeks

06 Mar

This week has been a challenging one that got a little worse today. A bunch of plans that I had for my future fell through. That has lead to even less motivation than usual. After I returned from vacation I was notified that my current WeightWatchers meeting leader is leaving the business. She was a pretty amazing person with a lot of experience in this space. On Monday I went to what was essentially her final meeting. Walking in I didn’t think it would bother me but frankly during the meeting I realized how effective she was. Next week we will have a new leader. I hope they will be as motivated as my current leader but I know they won’t be the same. It will take some time to adjust, and we will see how it works out.

Later in the week my wife and I worked on a lot of future financial planning, While we are in good shape for the most part, I have a hard time dealing with the fact that errors I have made in the past are still hanging around. I don’t generally fall into the “credit is evil” crowd but I do know that its a lot more expensive than most people really think about. Most of all I know that my wife and I make a hell of a team and we put together an amazing plan to tackle our challenges.

Today I was informally let know that I didn’t get the promotion at work I was hoping for. My thoughts on this are pretty thick and not totally sorted out yet so I will refrain from trying to sort them out here. What I know is that 2 of the largest obstacles in my way of advancing are items I can’t change. I am a pretty goal oriented person and I like to break goals down into steps. But when a challenge exists and no solution exists its very frustrating.

Ultimately I know I will get through all of it but right now I am sitting here watching pretty terrible TV wishing I had something better to blog about. But I know if I dig into the news for blog fodder I will just get angry and it wouldn’t be beneficial.