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I proudly supported a Democrat fund raiser and I will do it again next year.

31 Jul

Each year the last weekend of July is automatically the time for my vacation. Since I met my wife every year we have gone to the Sun and Surf Motorcycle rally in Ocean Shores, WA. Its a pretty standard rally lots of vendors some bike games, a custom bike show and a few exhibition teams.

The crowd is pretty much exactly what you would expect, tons of people dressed in leather, lots of loud bikes and plenty of patches on their leather vests explaining exactly how they feel about everything from the fact that loud pipes save lives to remembering those we have lost. This a crowd that screams “I’m my own person back off and let me do what I want”. Its not uncommon to see openly carried firearms on hips and a large numbers of people with patches on their jackets or stickers on their bikes voicing opposition to gun control.

That being said one of the vendors that has been their for a large number of years is the Gray’s Harbor Democrats, they sell onion burgers from a food truck. Oh sure their truck is covered in signs for candidates I don’t endorse but they serve a damn good onion burger at a fair price (at least competitive to that event) and they don’t preach while they serve food. The rally has been loosing vendors in the past few years and these guys have come back every year, paid their fees and supported the rally. So while I know that some of the money I pay for that delicious onion burger will go back to campaigns I’m not a fan of I have to think that they are aware of the crowd and at least partially receptive to the message.


A mighty fine weekend

31 Jul

For the second time this year my family went camping, or as we call it Glamping. Since its hard to call anything with air conditioning and wifi camping. This time it was down in Ocean Shores, WA for the 2012 Sun and Surf Bike Rally. My wifes family has been attending the Sun and Surf rally uninterrupted since at least the mid-90’s. Many members of her family take pride in walking around in the rally T-shirts from years past. My first rally was in 2008 and I missed last year (but did order a T-shirt) so I decided to go the entire weekend wearing only rally t-shirts including to bed. It was a fun trip and well worth the time.

The rally has gotten much smaller even since I have been attending, and there are fewer vendors than ever before. Part of this may have to do with some internal rally politics and I feel a lot of it has to do with the economy it certainly isn’t free to load up your bike trailer or ride it down to the coast and either camp or get accommodations for the weekend. The vendors that were there all seemed to be pretty busy but many of them had smaller booths with just a sampling of product and links on how to order more.

This was also the first time that we brought a newly rescued dog camping. The drive down was rough for him and he didn’t do as well as we hoped. However on the trip itself he did GREAT. He was very sociable with other dogs and has been improving his obedience quite quickly. He still has a lot to learn but is getting along nicely. Today on the ride home we decided to put him in his carrier instead of allowing him to roam the back seat of the SUV. This caused him to settle down quickly and basically sleep away the 3hr drive. So much so that we decided to not even stop for a pooch potty break until we got home.

After getting home it was the usual, unload, start laundry and run a couple of errands to try and catch up from our time gone. While running some errands my sweetie tells me to to pull into the local sporting goods store. Well next thing I know I got my much awaited birthday present. Remington 870 Express Super Magnum. Frankly I was very surprised and delighted so now its time to take it out to the range and get my SQEEEE on.