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What ammo sales guys do when they are out of ammo?

22 Mar

Got these videos in an email today from the fine folks at 

All three of the videos had me laughing very hard at work and I had to show them off to a few of the other guys that were around today.

Each video makes a case for why that caliber is the greatest caliber in the world.


WHY 9mm is the greatest


WHY .40S&W is the Greatest


WHY .45acp is the Greatest


Watch the videos and then go off and argue why your choice is the best.





Like it was made of gold

15 Jan

Today involved a LOT of running around in the search for some new exercise equipment ( more on that soon). Since the vast majority of that was in sporting goods stores any place that I went that sold ammo got a look. ( which pretty much has been SOP lately anyway).

I was very pleased when I found 500 rounds of cci mini mag .22lr at Walmart. I of course scooped them up as soon as I saw them.

Then I got home and found that 2 of the PMAGS I ordered got delivered today too.

While today was successful in getting some ammo and 2 more mags it was actually pretty depressing.

I have no intrest in hoarding ammo or mags. I would be perfectly happy waltzing down to the store on my way to the range to pick up ammo. Then just keeping a few boxes of good stuff for emergencies and carry ammo.

However due to the current political climate those of us who use these tools either for sport or survival have been forced to stockpile what we can today because it may not be accessible tomorrow. Those magazines I bought arn’t going in my range bag or my bug out bag. They are going in the closet for the unlikely eventuality that a current magazine fails


RIP Gen. Schwarzkopf

27 Dec

General Schwarzkopf passed away today.


Weight Watchers Week 6 Update

15 Nov

So far in weight watchers I have tackled a fair number of problems from giving up my beloved bacon to social settings, to a birthday party that was titled “Fried chicken and cake”. I feared none of those as much as a weekend at my parents surrounded by my mothers homemade  Italian cooking. On previous visits I would be knee deep in eggplant parmigiana and lasagna with so much meat in it you thought you were eating a hamburger.

My mother did at least do me the favor of attempting to cook healthier and for the most part she did a great job. Especially since the majority of the people eating where not on such modified diet and I would have felt pretty bad if I made my brother and dad eat like me. So I knew I was going to have a challenge but I also knew I could dominate it. With the help of my lovely wife we kept our portions small and our choices smart. So this morning I went to our meeting (I missed my normal Monday meeting so went today instead) I was excited to see that somehow I still managed to kick an addition 4lbs of blubber off my ass.

I also hit my 25lb milestone which for me isn’t a big deal because I am more into hitting the percentage goals and am getting very close to having lost 10% of my starting weight.

In addition to all of that jazz, weight watchers rolled out a new motion tracker this week that tracks all of my energy in all directions. While not as sophisticated as the Body Bugg offered by others this is better than a standard pedometer because it tracks all motion and then calculates your total calorie expenditure based on your sedentary time as well. For the next week I wont have any results from it because the first week is all about the device getting to know me and my baseline level of activity so it can set goals for me.

While I am still a tiny bit skeptical about how well this thing is going to work I am excited to try it, plus having yet another gadget clipped onto my belt seemed like a very MDEV thing to do. in coming weeks I will report how well the Active link works as well as what it is doing for me.

This upcoming week is actually a short weight watchers week for me since I went to the meeting on Wednesday and my normal meeting is on Monday I don’t expect to see any huge weight loss but that’s ok with me. Also my goal right now is to continue my progress through the holidays.


How to get your local gun club shut down

08 Nov

This past Monday I took my new shiny Carbon 15 to the range. Since both the gun and the platform were new to me I didn’t bring. My normal truckload of guns just the AR and a lever action 30-30 that I had just put a new scope on.

When I do stuff like zero a new gun I only go to the members side of the range since its smaller and cold range times are called more often which makes it better for checking targets. Heck half the time I’m the only one there if I go early morning.

The downside to the members side is no RSO and the range only goes to 100yds.

Shortly after I get setup a guy takes the bench next to me. No big deal but kinda annoying given that the only other shooter was at the far opposite bay. He sets up a bolt action rifle that I don’t pay much attention to. We go cold he hangs his target and then we go hot again. As soon as he fired his first round I realized that my foam ear plugs which were fine for the .223 rounds were not making a dent against his blastomatic. No problem I reach into my bag grab my muffs and toss them on over top of my plugs.

Maybe 2 minutes later I am picking up brass next to my bench and I hear him call a cold range. Normally each person backs up behind the firing line acknowledges the cold range and then we go down range. I stand up to clear my weapon and lock the bolt open and I see him at the 50yd berm.

I opted to leave my weapon where it was and just stay behind the line since I didn’t need to go down range.

So he is now down range of a rifle that has a magazine in it and closed bolt. I look at the 3rd guy shooting and he was back with me and I tell him gosh I didn’t even have a chance to clear my gun before he went down range. He kinda shrugged and decided not to say anything to anybody.

What if I had truly not heard the cold call would he have gone down range with me at my bench rather than picking up brass next to it?

Seriously when your at the range follow the rules. For all of us.


And geeks everywhere cried

30 Oct

As you may have heard the Walt Disney Company the fine folks that brought you, John Carter has purchased LucasFilm LTD. For just over 4Billion dollars. On its face that didnt really both me since its just a business deal but then they had to go ruin it by announcing a new Star Wars to come out in 2015

Episode VII feature film is targeted for a 2015 release! Yes, 2015 will give us The Avengers 2, Justice League of America and now a new Star Wars movie!

Also, this deal means Disney also now owns the Indiana Jones franchise as well as effects firm Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound.

Now granted the modern version of LucasFilm produced a lot of crap namely the  3 most recent StarWars movies but I can only imagine how this is going to go. However being that more than likely Pixar will be animating this it should at least look graphically stunning. So I am hoping for a movie like Avatar which sucks as a movie but makes pretty pictures to look at.

Full Story here


My views on yesterday’s debate

04 Oct

Last night President Obama and Mitt Romney squared off in their first debate. A few things were clear.
– Both are good speakers and enjoy TV time
-Neither candidate brought anything new to the table as far as ideas.
-Jim Lehrer is a terrible moderator and let the candidates push him around.

While I thought it was good that so my time was focused on the economy I feel that we needed more time on all the other domestic issues that didn’t get brought up.

Obama definitely got put on the defensive the whole night and didn’t really do well when asked directly about a program. He did however hold his own most of the time.

Romney obviously tried really hard to appeal to middle class folks I’m not sure it worked but I appreciate the effort. I felt that about 75% of his rebuttals to Obama should have been either “good idea why didn’t you do that in your first term” or “interesting and how do you plan to get that plan through congress”

Both candidates obviously need to spend a lot more time in a greasy spoon restaurant talking to voters. Next time without the press pool. They both tried to hard to appeal to a group they may or may not fully understand.

Of course I expected to wake up and see both ideological sides proclaiming that their candidate won. Instead I saw the right claiming victory and the left apologizing and then said debates don’t matter anyway. To me that speaks volumes.

Well there you go now you don’t even need to watch it but in case you want to here is the link to the full debate.


So good I had to share

26 Jul

DaddyBear wrote an open letter to the Obama administration. I had to share

I do want to thank you for making up my mind. I have resisted purchasing a modern carbine for my own use due to some personal reasons. But to be honest, if you’re going to be ignorant enough to try to outlaw them, I’m going to make it my personal goal to own one of each model of weapon you are talking about outlawing

Full post here.


Today will be a good day

28 Jun

Well somebody has smiled on me, normally at work I am at a location where I am out and walking around a fixed post all day so there is no chance of really staying up on whats going on in the news that day other than jumping on my trusty iPhone on lunch and breaks.

Not today, on this day where we get to hear the vote on holding Eric Holder in contempt AND hear if at least 5/9 of the SCOTUS justices can read the founding documents. I will be by myself in a company vehicle roving around for 12 glourious hours. That means LOTS of talk radio.

I fell as if I can an adequately explain how big of a smile this puts on my face.


Ok so healthcare ended up still getting screwed but I hold out hope for more dems to join the contempt vote.


Rep. Darrell Issa circulates contempt order RE fast and furious

03 May

Looks like Rep Darrell Issa is trying to get a contempt order against Eric Holder in the fast and furious case.

I’m glad this has gained traction and if Romney is smart he brings up fast and furious every time he can.

Full story here at Politico