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My perspective on the Starbucks thing.

18 Sep

When this whole Starbucks appreciation day and I love guns and coffee thing kicked off I was tepid in my excitement for it. (Feel free to look back on my archives if you want some proof). I thought it was good that a major company like Starbucks was supporting our freedom but I thought that people were going way overboard.

So now the CEO of Starbucks has posted and open letter politely asking us to stop openly carrying firearms in his stores. When I read the letter basically what I see is that he didn’t ask for his stores to be used as a basis for anyone’s political organization activities and he doesn’t want to participate in the debate. I’m fine with that. He also states he is not posting his stores with “gun free zone” signs. So those of us that carry concealed are still legally just fine to drink coffee armed.

I love the gun community but we do have a habit of overdoing it. When people started carrying long guns into Starbucks and when others made it a point to redesign the Starbucks logo into a pro-gun logo I knew this would eventually happen.

To my fellow advocates that are bashing Starbucks and saying you wont buy their coffee. Well so be it your welcome to eat and drink overpriced coffee anywhere you want but I really don’t see this as an anti-gun move by Schultz I see this as him politely asking us to stop using his private property for our political demonstrations.


What ammo sales guys do when they are out of ammo?

22 Mar

Got these videos in an email today from the fine folks at 

All three of the videos had me laughing very hard at work and I had to show them off to a few of the other guys that were around today.

Each video makes a case for why that caliber is the greatest caliber in the world.


WHY 9mm is the greatest


WHY .40S&W is the Greatest


WHY .45acp is the Greatest


Watch the videos and then go off and argue why your choice is the best.





Because you asked

07 Mar

A while back when I did my initial review of my Bushmaster Carbon 15 somebody asked if it took standard carbine rails.

I assumed it did but about 8 weeks ago sent an email to bushmaster just to ask. Yesterday I got my response.

We apologize for the lengthy delay in our response. As you can imagine, we have been inundated with emails and orders.

Standard hand guards that mount using the hand guard cap, and delta ring assembly will work fine with the Carbon 15. Yes, you will need carbine length.


Leave a major decision up to a coin flip

15 Feb

For any of you who haven’t read Freakanomics or followed what those guys do I highly recommend it. I don’t agree with everything they say but they do provoke thought and analysis and that’s always a good thing. They have now started a new research project basically studying the effects of major life decisions when left up to a coin flip.

They are looking for participants to help them in their research.

A few weeks back, we launched Freakonomics Experiments, a website designed to help you make both big and small decisions in your life when you’re feeling stuck. First, we try to get you thinking differently about the choices with the hope you can figure it out on your own. If that fails, we flip a coin to help you decide.

Now, we are looking for a handful of folks who are willing to take it to a whole other level. We are looking for an intrepid few who, in the name of Freakonomics, are willing to let a coin toss decide a handful of life decisions. We want to get to know you, watch your life unfold at the mercy of fate, and make you characters in our next book.

More info here


Shameless free plug for York Arms

23 Nov

Many of you already have had very positive relations with York Arms. Well I just wanted to praise them for doing something that few shops are wiling to do. They suggested I don’t use their service.

I originally heard about York from JayG who has a personal connection with them, on his recommendation I emailed them about some custom parts for my new AR mostly related to the fact that I am left handed. The two things I was looking for was a left handed .300blk upper and a left handed safety.

On the safety I was told, no problem we could get on that once we play catch up for a little bit (especially since they just got hit with a a mess of hurricane.)

On the upper however they said that they are not tooled up for that yet and referred me to Stag Arms. The fact that they didn’t just say “screw off that’s not what we do” means a lot to me.

I can assure you that when it comes time to order parts for my upper since it looks like I will be building it myself I will make sure to order what I can from York. Everybody online seems to agree these guys rock and the response I got today certainly confirmed that.

If you looking for something that they have you can do a lot worse than them.


Want a slow and almost unusable holster?

21 Nov

Hat tip to Caleb for showing us this funny video of a rather dumb holster design.

As you can see in this holster you holster your gun with an empty chamber. And then hope that the overly complex holster functions perfect with your odd and unnatural draw stroke to chamber the round that may save your life.

Although I hate dumb products like this I like they somebody is thinking outside the box. I believe in order for new products to come along sometimes we need bad design first. At least the wheels of innovation are moving.

video here


And geeks everywhere cried

30 Oct

As you may have heard the Walt Disney Company the fine folks that brought you, John Carter has purchased LucasFilm LTD. For just over 4Billion dollars. On its face that didnt really both me since its just a business deal but then they had to go ruin it by announcing a new Star Wars to come out in 2015

Episode VII feature film is targeted for a 2015 release! Yes, 2015 will give us The Avengers 2, Justice League of America and now a new Star Wars movie!

Also, this deal means Disney also now owns the Indiana Jones franchise as well as effects firm Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound.

Now granted the modern version of LucasFilm produced a lot of crap namely the  3 most recent StarWars movies but I can only imagine how this is going to go. However being that more than likely Pixar will be animating this it should at least look graphically stunning. So I am hoping for a movie like Avatar which sucks as a movie but makes pretty pictures to look at.

Full Story here



19 Sep

I got all excited this morning hoping to wake up to iOS version 6. As of 5 minutes before I left for work it was unavailable.

Then I get to work and it’s available, except I’m at work with no wifi. So it can wait until I get home.


A great shootie weekend

19 Sep

So this weekend was pretty gun heavy, Sunday I shot sporting clays. Yet again it has been proven that I SUCK at sporting clays. Frankly its pretty aggravating. I have a terrible problem ambushing the clay and miss a lot of shots simply by not swinging through the target. This is especially annoying to me because when I shoot trap I actually do pretty well. Sporting clays honestly is 10-15 times harder for me. Hopefully more practice will get me where I would like to be.

Monday we went to the county fair which is really an experience all to itself, we had a great time ate a bunch of wonderful artery clogging foods and only came home with one new kitchen gadget. It dawned on me that with the number of places selling quality leather belts there, it would have been nice to see a custom holster maker.

Tuesday we went to the range with some of my wifes family. It was a blast my wife got to shoot a bunch of guns she has never shot and decided what she wanted for a defensive gun, and I got to shoot a bunch of guns I have not shot either. One of the guns that was brought was a custom Dan Wesson .44mag with a 6in barrel. It was fun with .44spl rounds not so much with the 310grain hand loads that the owner uses to hunt elk with.

My Ruger Mark II is still giving me fits and refusing to go into battery consistently. I don’t believe its a cleaning issue since I scrubbed the hell out of it before this range trip but I am trying to avoid a trip to the gun smith, any suggestions from all of you would be helpful. Like most semi-auto .22’s it runs best with CCI mini-mags but its still good for 1-2 jams per magazine almost always a failure to go fully into battery.

I did try some of the CCI quiet-22lr’s I knew they wouldn’t cycle the semi-auto guns and that was fine but was very surprised at how quiet they are. Frankly a box of those and a .22lr revolver could be pretty fun, especially for new or young shooters. I am now on the lookout for one.

If I came away with one thing from this range trip its that I need a big bore revolver, I have been looking at .357’s for a while and am now even starting to consider .44mag I had a lot of fun with that Dan Wesson but know that there is budget issue there.



“Straw Sales” and laws not preventing a damm thing

19 Sep

It has been decided that my wife would like a defensive pistol, the original plan was to go to one of the local ranges that rent guns and rent just about everything chambered in 9mm and .38spl and work from there. After a brief discussion with a family member of hers who I often shoot with. He mentioned that he had quite a collection of those chamberings and offered to bring them all to the range and let her try them out.

The first gun she tried with as Browning High Power- It was decided that it still had a little too much recoil for her and the angle of shell ejection was really wrong for her.

She then tried a S&W 5906- Better but still not what she was looking for

It was then suggested that she try the Colt Trooper in .357 with .38spl loads in it. Perfect recoil but the grips were unmanageable for her.

However a J-frame fits her hand very nicely and the .38spl recoil was no issue.

While this is pretty stereotypical to suggest a snub nose .38 for a female shooter I was glad that she arrived at the decision by trying lots of different options and arriving at that one.

So we decided to trek down to the local gun store and at least look at J-frame options. My original idea was to suggest a LCR in .357 so she could at least have that option even if .38spl was what saw the most use in it. Well after handling a ton of revolvers of all shapes and sizes she picked one out. (exact model to be shown on the blog once we have it in our hands).

So now comes the fun part of gun sales, the paperwork. The gun geek inside me was excited just to try Cabela’s new electronic 4473 computers since I have never done it that way. When I suggested that I fill out the paperwork since Washington has a dumb waiting period paperwork processing time, if you don’t have a CHL. My wife has not gotten her CHL yet so I figured it would save us a trip back down to Cabela’s. The counter person saw what was going on and made it clear that it couldn’t happen that way. In his words, yea only the government is allowed to look the other way on straw sales. We all had a fast and furious laugh and she started filling out the paperwork.

All in all this is good because it allowed my wife to experience the stupid that is an ATF form 4473, she joked about why would anybody say yes to “are you a fugitive from justice” among other questions. We again had a good laugh and left with a bunch of other goodies from Cabela’s but no gun yet. I did joke with sales guy about how she could have purchased an AR-15 and 100 pmags and walked out the door without a hitch but the single J-frame is just do dangerous for an instant background check.

Needless to say I think my wifes timetable for getting her CHL has been sped up.


All in all I guess this Washington law is an economic incentive because no we get to spend more gas to go back to Cabela’s and frankly the chance of my wife walking out of Cabela’s without some branded clothing is pretty rare.