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Movie Review Red Dawn (2012)

25 Nov

Last night after my wife got off work we decided to go catch a movie. Essentially our options were sparkly vampires or Red Dawn. While I am a fan of the original Red Dawn from the 80’s I knew that this movie had been delayed a bunch of times and that the enemy had been changed from Chinese to North Korean for political reasons.

The combination of 1. Being a remake and 2. Being a movie that has been delayed for several years set my expectations were set pretty low. While this movie did suffer from some of the standard issues of this genre such as everybody being able to run every gun they happen to find and nobody ever missing a long range rifle shot, overall the movie was believable other than the whole idea of North Korea invading overnight.

Additionally this movie was set in Washington and had a few clips of local celebrities in it, which I enjoyed a lot. I would actually have to say that for me this movie was more enjoyable than the original Red Dawn. Part of this may just have been better film making but overall this just felt more polished.

Finally the opening scene of the movie heavily features both President Obama and Joe Biden, given that this movie had been delayed several years, when it was first made it was probably safe to assume he would still be in office. However I am wondering if there was an alternate opening shot in the case that Obama lost the 2012 election.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars.


An act of war and it was sat on for politics

08 Nov

I rarely post CNN but even CNN is saying the administration sat on this until the election.

Iranian jets attempt to fire on a US aircraft in international airspace. Our commander in chief says nothing.

The drone was in international airspace east of Kuwait, U.S. officials said, adding it was engaged in routine maritime surveillance.

Although the drone was not hit, the Pentagon is concerned.

Two U.S. officials explained the jets were part of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps force, which has been more confrontational than regular Iranian military forces.

The Obama administration did not disclose the incident, which occurred just days before the presidential election on November 1, but three senior officials confirmed the details to CNN.


Just a friendly reminder

07 Nov

Right now MidwayUSA has 20 and 30 Round AR magazines in stock, this likely will change by the end of the week due to the outcome of the election. At $12.30 its not a bad price either.

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Product Review Bushmaster Carbon 15

07 Nov

Earlier this week I purchased a Bushmaster Carbon 15 rifle. Essentially it is an AR-15 with a fully Carbon upper and lower receiver. This makes the gun right around 5lbs unloaded. When I first saw this gun I really liked it but wasn’t sure about the carbon receiver  So I went home and did some research, everybody loved the receiver but complained about earlier versions of the gun that didn’t have the forward assist.

The newest version does have a forward assist as well as other improvements in the ramping of the chamber. I then called bushmaster to confirm that standard uppers will fit and they assured me that its all standard except for the barrel nut which is proprietary. I picked it up at Cabelas for just over $600 and it included a hard case and a Bushnell red-dot scope. The case is less than optimal and will likely be replaced soon. However the scope is pretty great. For a red-dot it was easy to pick up, easy to adjust and held zero at least through my 100 rounds I put in it yesterday.

The rifle shoots better than me, at 50yds my targets were essentially one ragged hole. When I tried it out at 100yds it was not great but I blame that fully on the fact that I was using a red-dot with a 6MOA dot. Which meant that my dot was the size of the target at 100yds. For this reason alone I may swap out the red-dot for a cheap 3-9 scope but not sure yet.

This rifle will eventually get a .300blk upper for hunting season that upper will have a nice scope on it, which means that I might leave this one as the red-dot which will be superior for home defense and most applications at the range. The gun ran flawlessly with the factory 30round mags from Bushmaster. I picked up a cheap Thermold 20rnd magazine and that magazine had issues. So I immediately returned that magazine to the store and ordered a bunch of PMAGS. Once I get those I will run them through this gun and report back.

More full report to come after I shoot it more, and of course being that I bought this before the election I am pretty sure it will have doubled in value by the end of the week. This gun truly is Tactical Tupperware.




I have noticed that this post has been getting a lot of hits lately. Likely simply for the fact that AR’s are selling lot cheap beer on a Friday night. I wanted to convey how much I love this rifle. Its functionally flawless and runs amazing. Its easy to maneuver with and I really can’t wait to use it beyond the range. I think it will be a really great coyote gun and once I get a .300blk upper on it, the Carbon 15 should make a damn good deer rifle this fall. If you have any specific questions about the carbon construction feel free to leave a comment.


Well that was fun

06 Nov

No surprise Romney lost, you have all already read all the pundits and spin so I don’t need to recap. I will say this, at this point I am done with moderates. I truly feel that a true conservative such as Herman Cain could wrapped this one up. I don’t blame Obama for winning, I blame the GOP primary voters.

I am done with giving somebody their turn at the nomination just because its their turn.

Earn your spot dammit.



Its Election day

06 Nov

Well no secret that today is a powerful day in American history. Every 4 years we get together as a nation and cast our ballots for major choices on the future of our republic. Now for me being that I live in a state that has gone to all mail in ballot and a very blue state at that my ballot was mailed off weeks ago and frankly its not going to make a difference at least on the presidential bid. However I view the act as a responsibly and dammit I voted so now I get to complain if things don’t go my way.

As for predictions, I predict that Romney will win the presidency but the Democrats will keep the US Senate. Frankly I’m ok with this for a little gridlock keeps the fine folks of Washington DC in line.

Since I already voted, today I am doing the next most patriotic thing I can, I am taking my brand new AR-15 to the range and going to put some hot lead down range at high velocity.

Don’t worry there will be more posts later today when I am either celebrating or being depressed.


Look who’s mighty worried

03 Nov

I, like many politically interested folks am subscribed to the official campaign email lists for all of the major presidential campaigns. Over the past week it has become VERY clear how worried the Obama campaign is. Just judging by the email titles tells me a lot, and I trust you the text of the emails are just as worried.

Here is a list of actual email titles from the Barrack Obama campaign sorted by the date they were sent.

Nov 2nd

  • Goodbye, Mdev
  • This is the last time I’ll ask you this
  • Final

Nov 1st

  • How this ends

Oct 31st

  • Tonight is your LAST SHOT
  • Don’t Brush this off, Mdev
  • 7 Reasons your shouldn’t ignore

Oct 30th

  • I am not going to sugarcoat this

Oct 29th

  • Get his back- Make some calls

Oct 28th

  • Forward this!
  • Barack is Getting outraised
  • Your first time
  • We risk losing everything

Oct 27th

  • This is Dangerous
  • Let’s win this

Oct 26th

  • This is bad
  • Some bad news


The emails from the Romney campaign are all positive and in fact in the last week have really not even pushed asking for donations which tells me that Romney is sitting on a pile of cash, has a plan and is confident.

From my years of working on campaigns I can tell you that I have never seen a public image like this, sure I have been in the war room of campaign offices and seen fear or even admitting that you will likely lose. However your public image is always positive, you always explain how the polls don’t matter and how you still have a plan. Sure some people see through the facade but if you send out emails with these types of subjects.


Well I’m back to being a bitter clinger.

17 Oct

Throughout the campaign President Obama has been able to gently skirt the issue of guns and 2nd Amendment rights by avoiding specifics. Well last night he slipped up and he touched the 3rd rail. He said he wants a new Assault weapons ban. My favorite part really was where he said “In Chicago they arn’t using AK-47’s they are using cheap handgun” that means to me that he doesn’t just want to attack assault weapons he wants your glock too.

As a man who owns several “cheap handguns” and other guns that would certainly make the black list I can’t stand for this. Not that I was an Obama voter anyway but this certainly seals the deals.

At least when the question was tossed to Romney he said lets look at society and its problems first and at least passively talked about Fast and Furious. He stopped short of truly attacking Obama over the gun running scheme. Lets not forget that Romney let an AWB go through in Mass. So we still need to watch him mighty close.


Here’s the video with all the specifics.



Today will be a good day

28 Jun

Well somebody has smiled on me, normally at work I am at a location where I am out and walking around a fixed post all day so there is no chance of really staying up on whats going on in the news that day other than jumping on my trusty iPhone on lunch and breaks.

Not today, on this day where we get to hear the vote on holding Eric Holder in contempt AND hear if at least 5/9 of the SCOTUS justices can read the founding documents. I will be by myself in a company vehicle roving around for 12 glourious hours. That means LOTS of talk radio.

I fell as if I can an adequately explain how big of a smile this puts on my face.


Ok so healthcare ended up still getting screwed but I hold out hope for more dems to join the contempt vote.


Rep. Darrell Issa circulates contempt order RE fast and furious

03 May

Looks like Rep Darrell Issa is trying to get a contempt order against Eric Holder in the fast and furious case.

I’m glad this has gained traction and if Romney is smart he brings up fast and furious every time he can.

Full story here at Politico