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Long day but lots of fun

20 Aug

Today started at 530am when I got up and took the motorcycle out to my buddies about 45miles away. We rode out another 15miles or so for breakfast and then took the long way home stopping to take pictures of snoqualmie falls.

After I got home I was home less than 25minutes before the whole family was out the door to go for a hike across the Tacoma Narrows bridge.

After that it was a late picnic lunch on the waterfront and then as we were leaving a car full of 3 young girls in the parking lot of the waterfront had a flat tire and between the 3 of them they didn’t stand a chance of changing it so my wife gave me the “go ahead we will wait look”. All I can say is if your going to drive a car know how to change a damn tire or have AAA on speed dial.

After 10min later of her looking for her special socket to take off her aftermarket rims we got it all squared away.

Then it was off to Walmart for a few quick things and then costco for a few more. In the parking lot of Costco an elderly lady piloted her full cart of food off a curb tipping it into the parking lot. Luckily a Costco employee was there to help us pick up the cart and to replace the strawberries that were a causality of the fall. After that was off to dinner with the family and finally some grocery shopping for the week.

It’s now 9pm and I have been in the house less than an hour since 5am.

I think it’s time for bed.


Weight Watchers Week 26 update

26 Mar

The last 2 week have been a continuation of my struggle with gaining an loosing the same 3 pounds back and forth. I had a conversation with out new leader whom started last night and she helped me stay positive and explained that its not unusual to hit a point of struggle like this.

In good news, 3 people from our extended family have started coming to our meetings with us. Its nice to be part of an ever growing team. Personally I am excited because of all the family that has joined up to this point I have been the only guy. That ended last night because one of the family members that joined is my wife’s grandfather whom I regularly shoot with and we get along quite well. So no I have somebody else to complain about missing bacon and steak with lol.

Starting today I am going back to my normal points tracking system, it was how I found my success and I feel it will be how I find my goal. I am getting pretty frustrated with fact that my weight yesterday is the exact same as my weight on February 4th 2013. So I have had 7 weeks of stagnation. The good news is that the weather has finally turned for the sunshine so its much easier to get a run with the dog or a little extra outdoor activity in. Between that and the fruit coming back in season I should be back on my way.


Weight Watchers Week 19 Update

13 Feb

The past several weeks I have been admittedly less than fully committed to keeping myself on track with my plan to eat right. While I have stayed within my points I have not been the greatest at choosing the smartest way to spend those points. The good news is that I still have been able to produce a 1-2lb weight loss each week during this time. The bad news is that I know I can do better than that. So I have made some changes in my usual snacking schedule to help with less unscheduled snacking. In addition I am trying to increase the intensity of some of my activity. While I have usually banked on my walking around and constant movement at work to get my overall activity I feel that some higher impact higher intensity activity would benefit me greatly.

The theme of this month at our meeting is activity and our activity levels, while my level is really fine since ultimately the weight loss game turns into the very simple equation of calories in V. calories out increasing activity while maintaining the same calorie input will assist me in my weight loss. With all that being said I still eat out more often than I should and while I am making the smartest available choices at the restaurant most of the time few of those choices are as smart as something that I could make up at home.


Weight Watchers Week 18 Update

05 Feb

Another successful week. Although I only lost 1lb I did it on a week that I wasn’t completely behaving with what I ate and worked an extra day of OT so my routine was a little off. Our goal this week is to increase our activity. Given that I currently lead the group in number of activity points earned I think I got this but I will be working to not only increase my own activity level but the activity of my family that does weight watchers with me.

We discussed the non-weight benefits of increasing activity levels such as cardiovascular health and increased circulation.

Finally, my wife and I went to the dollar store and found some pretty cool looking glass vases and each got 2 of them. In one jar we put 1 marble for each pound that we lost. In the other jar we put a marble for each pound between our current weight and our goal weight. As we lose weight we move the marble from one jar to another. Its a nice visual reminder of our progress.


Weight Watchers Week 16 Update

23 Jan

This update is pretty short and sweet, my wife and I went on vacation to an amazing German town surrounded by great food and even better beer. We decided to live a little and the friends we were with enjoyed stopping at every restaurant and bar as we wandered through town. So we ate a LOT. But since I have 5 days until my next weight watchers meeting I plan to buckle down get back to my normal routine and still end up loosing at least a little bit of weight.


Weight Watchers Week 14 Update

08 Jan

Alright folks, the holidays are over and I am back to kicking some fat ass. My motivation showed this week. I didn’t weigh in last week but yesterday when I stepped on the scales I was 11.6lbs lighter than I was 2 weeks ago when I weighted in. For a round total of 49.0 lbs lost so far. This past week has actually been pretty easy because I am back to my regular routine of tracking and counting and my normal lunches and such. Next week is an unusual meeting for us, rather than a normal topic driven meeting our leader holds an auction. All year we collect “money” for different tasks. Sometimes its trivia sometimes its bringing in a cool snack idea sometimes its milestone weight loss. Then once a year we get to spend that money at an auction of gifts that are brought in by fellow members or donated by local businesses.


Weight Watchers Week 13 Update

31 Dec

Another challenging week given all the holiday food still sticking around but I have been doing pretty good at staying away from the sweets at least. I did however eat my weight in prime rib left overs. I also went down to Portland to visit my parents and enjoyed some fine and filling cooking that I probably ate more than I should have. All in all I kept my portions under control and didn’t go crazy with anything either.

Tonight is our big New Years party but my mother in law is cooking so all of the food is going to be weight watchers friendly. Since we are out of town today and with the weight watchers meeting schedule changed for the holiday so I wont weigh in until next Monday at which point I expect to pass my 40lb of weight loss mark.


Weight Watchers Week 12

27 Dec

This week was very different than most as far as weight loss goals go. I only lost a fraction of a pound but given the holiday season that’s kind of expected.

Even though my weigh in was prior to Christmas dinner where I ate way too much prime rib I am working on seeing at least a little bit of a loss this next week. I had one rough day (Christmas) and I have been trying to increase my activity level the rest of the week to account for that. It also helped that all of the side dishes at our dinner were weight watchers friendly so no smashed potatoes with creme or anything like that.

This upcoming week shouldn’t be too bad. I have a New Years party on New Year’s Eve but we are making a lot of the food for that so we can make smart choices.

I will be missing my normal Monday evening meeting due to the holiday but plan to weigh in on Wednesday before work. The holiday season is always tough but I plan to continue to be successful through it. So far I have list 37.4lbs and I set a personal goal of hitting 50lbs lost by the end of January. It’s an ambitious but achievable goal in my eyes.


Weight Watchers Week 11 Update

18 Dec

Sorry about missing last weeks update by the time I realized I hadn’t typed a post it was almost time for this post so I decided to not play catch up.

For the past week I have tried an alternate WW strategy, the strategy is called simply filling. Basically you only eat from an approved list of foods but you eat as much of those foods as you want. The list includes whole wheat carbs, extra lean means and generally foods that are considered the healthiest choices in their categories.

Several people in my meeting have had really good luck with it, including some of the members of my family that I go with. However after a week of it I actually gained about a half of a pound. Which is essentially staying still but not on pace for my near constant losses.

Although my leader is a big fan of the simply filling technique she also is a big supporter of sticking with what works for you. So for me its back to my usual points system and that I know works for me. However there is a slight caveat in that Christmas dinner is actually a perfect meal to do simply filling at because we are making prime-rib which if you trim the fat off of becomes an approved food. So no mashed potatoes and gravy but all the wonderful prime rib I can eat. Luckily an added benefit of the program is that you can switch techniques each day so I will simply use points for the rest of the week and go from there.

Just as a total update in the 11 weeks I have been doing weight watchers I have lost 37.2lbs I will be breaking my 40lb line this next week with a goal of hitting my 50lb mark by the end of January. Which should be no problem as long as I do my part.

So wish me luck.


Weight Watchers Week 8 Update

28 Nov

This week was a little bit historic for me. I reached a milestone where I have lost 10% of the body weight I started with. While I am not normally one for celebrating I felt pretty successful at this milestone. Oddly enough I actually seem to be struggling with my success. As soon as I hit my milestone I felt like I could somehow loosen up and maybe deviate a little bit from the program but ironically I also knew that its the program that got me to that goal.

So while I have made some less than optimal choices since Monday I have never gone over my daily points and still am gaining activity points so that’s a good thing. Oddly enough this blog and being accountable to my readers helps with this. One of my struggles has always been my beverages. I used to be a big soda drinker and when I started WeightWatchers I switched to diet soda which is fine but never provided the variety I craved. Recently I was given the idea of taking unsweetened iced tea and adding sugar free flavored coffee syrups (the kind you would find at a latte stand) to the iced tea. Well turns out it works wonders. We already have a good collection of these sugar free syrups from the local restaurant supply place to add to our coffee. So as I type this I am sipping a Sugar Free Peanut butter Iced tea. Frankly it beats a diet coke any day.

At my weekly meeting on Monday our normal group leader was on vacation so we had a different lady. I actually liked this woman MUCH better. She ran a much more interactive meeting and the energy level was much higher. The downside is that while I liked her a lot my wife and extended family that all goes to the meeting with me doesn’t like her as much. So in the choice between a better leader and the support system, I will always choose my support system. I feel that much of my success has come from having others around me in the same situation. Also our normal leader is a guru of all things weight watchers and if the corporate blog from WeightWatchers is to be believed there are some massive plan changes in store for 2013. Again I will take the experience over the personality. But it is nice to know that if I ever have to miss my normal meeting I will have an alternate meeting to go to with a leader whom from at least this one experience is somebody I would enjoy working with.