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Compact Movie Review “Lone Survivor”

28 Jan

A few months back I started seeing trailers and advertisements for “Lone Survivor” from those trailers it looked like a really good military action movie. I expected to see this decades “Black Hawk Down” and I was in for that. Then the weekend it came out my twitter feed and Facebook timeline exploded with positive and stunning reviews from everybody all of my friends that have either served in the military or have kids in the military. This changed my entire perspective, now I knew I needed to see this movie but I also knew that it wasn’t going to be a throw away thriller. Instead it was an experience. I actually saw this movie by myself and I am kind of glad I did because it got mighty dusty in that theater at the end. As somebody who has never served in the military this movie reminded me of what is going on in a far off land on a far more often basis than I think I would like to acknowledge. The fact that its been so well received by my friends and family that have been deployed tells me that the produces of this movie got a lot of things right. While I am sure there was some artistic license taken at some point this movie still falls into the category that I would expect it to be shown in High Schools in the next few years.

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Movie Review Red Dawn (2012)

25 Nov

Last night after my wife got off work we decided to go catch a movie. Essentially our options were sparkly vampires or Red Dawn. While I am a fan of the original Red Dawn from the 80’s I knew that this movie had been delayed a bunch of times and that the enemy had been changed from Chinese to North Korean for political reasons.

The combination of 1. Being a remake and 2. Being a movie that has been delayed for several years set my expectations were set pretty low. While this movie did suffer from some of the standard issues of this genre such as everybody being able to run every gun they happen to find and nobody ever missing a long range rifle shot, overall the movie was believable other than the whole idea of North Korea invading overnight.

Additionally this movie was set in Washington and had a few clips of local celebrities in it, which I enjoyed a lot. I would actually have to say that for me this movie was more enjoyable than the original Red Dawn. Part of this may just have been better film making but overall this just felt more polished.

Finally the opening scene of the movie heavily features both President Obama and Joe Biden, given that this movie had been delayed several years, when it was first made it was probably safe to assume he would still be in office. However I am wondering if there was an alternate opening shot in the case that Obama lost the 2012 election.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars.


Classic movie guns stolen

25 Jul

Looks like some fine upstanding gent took it upon himself to liberate some classic firearms from a classic movie rental place in Portland, Oregon.

When I lived down in Portland I visited this store once on a very odd date. They have quite a collection of movie props as well as a rental selection of odd and rare movies.

One gun is a Winchester rifle used by actor John Wayne in the 1962 film, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”. Clark said the gun was donated to him and Movie Madness in 2000 by Gordon Rux, who was in charge of the film’s props.

The other firearm is a shotgun featured in 1969 film “The Wild Bunch”, starring William Holden. Clark said he won the item at an auction in 2003.

The rifle can still fire blanks and bullets, said Clark, but the shotgun has had the firing pin removed.

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Movie Review: The Smurfs 3D

25 Aug

Last night my sweetie and I were suppose to have a meeting with out Pastor and he cancelled on us so we had a free night together. Being that it was way too warm outside we decided that dinner and a movie sounded great. We went to our favorite Chinese restaurant and then went over to the theaters. We decided to see Smurfs 3D. Most of the time we go to a movie its some sort of kids movies because she loves them and I like the kids movies that “have something in there for the adults” The Toy Story franchise did a great job of this.

Really all I was looking for in this movie was, air conditioning, popcorn and maybe a few laughs. This movie certainly filled the need for laughs it had enough funny quips and cute drama to make it worth my time. There were a few moments where the story really dragged and I think they tried too hard to make it border on an action movie when in reality it was suppose to just be a comedic kids movie.

Overall I would give this movie a 7 out of 10



30 Day song Challenge, Day two: Your least favorite song

08 Aug

Ok so it was a little weird to list my “least favorite song” since if its my least favorite why would I listen to it? Also there are entire types of music I dont listen to or dont like. But this song did pop out. Its from the Chicago Christmas Album and my father plays it in the car a lot during the Christmas season and for some reason its just all wrong for me.




Cars 2 has pro-gun references and that’s a good thing.

13 Jun

So in the upcoming movie Cars 2 which comes out on June 24th apparently there are some pretty cool little gems of gun geekery. Most of them seemed centered on Rod Tourque Redline. If you watch the trailer below you can see a small gun come out of the front drivers side wheel and the license plate reads M1911A1 making reference to the 100th anniversary of the 1911 pattern pistol this year.

We as members of the gun community are big fans of voting with your wallet and skipping out on things that are anti-gun so lets SHOW our support for these little gems by going out and seeing this movie. Plus in all seriousness had Pixar ever made a bad movie? I think I have seen just about every one and cant think of one that I didn’t fully enjoy. They are just about the only movies that I would think even approach being worth the outrageous ticket prices that movie theaters charge now.



Small side note: I have a confession to make, last night I was reading a bunch of gun blogs really just bouncing through other peoples blog rolls and somewhere I found this link to an thread about the gun references in Cars 2 well I emailed myself the thread but cant figure out who’s blog originally pointed me there so I owe somebody credit and when I find it I will give it to them.


Enjoying a day off from work and the todo list

08 Jun

Yesterday I spent most of the day spending time with the family and doing a few things around the house including finally getting my lawn mower at least mostly fixed so I can mow the lawn without all the hassle I have been dealing with for the last 2 weeks. Well today for a whole variety reasons I am essentialy doing nothing. I have two Netflix DVD’s sitting here and am working my way through them other than that is just a lot of hanging out on the couch and not doing much at all.

The first movie I watched this morning was “Drive Angry” I enjoyed the film and found it to be a good mix of comedy, violence, and a ton of stupidly used cheesy nudity. For a Nick Cage movie it was pretty good. Lots of cruddy gun handling and lots of stupid physics but in general it was very enjoyable. It is essentially a revenge flick with a little bit of a mystical or magical twist. I could have lived without the mystical magical stuff but I would certainly watch the movie again.

The second movie I watched was “The King of Kong” its a documentary I heard about on The Film Vault about the world of competitive classic arcade gaming. It was enjoyable but certainly a little slow and the ending was a little predictable. The film did a good job of making the nerds look like nerds and also also showing how serious this “sport” was taken. I would certainly recommend it to others but only if you have a little bit of a gamer nerd inside you without that your not going to make it through this movie. It reminded me a lot of Word Wars another fabulous documentary that actually makes competitive Scrabble look like a blast.


Movie Review: The Bridge

04 Jun

I listen to a lot of podcasts, some of them are gun related like Down Range Radio others are pure comedey such as The Adam Carolla show and then of course there is VC, but one that I only started listening to about 8 months ago was “The Film Vault” its a film podcast and part of the Adam Carolla network of podcasts. I enjoy the Film Vault because it exposes me to a lot of movies that I would not have seen prior. One of those movies is “The Bridge” this movie made in 2004 is a documentry on the Golden Gate Bridge specifically the large number of people who choose to end their lives by jumping off the bridge each year.

This movie tells the story of many people who have chosen to jump with most of the story told by family and friends. There is also an interview with a man who jumped and survived. While this movie was very depressing and actually hard to watch at times because I lost a family member to suicide less than 2years ago. However this movie was incredibly respectful and non-judgmental of the choices people have made. Essentially the movie is the same story being told multiple times by different families however the nuances between these stories is where the real interesting part is.

Over the course of the movie you do witness a number of people jump off the bridge to their death, you also see a woman get pulled back from the edge and multiple interviews with people who have witnessed others jump. The part of the movie that I assume was left out on purpose and I felt was missing was any sort of interview with an official either with local law enforcement or bridge management. I would like to know what their stance on this situation is and if there have been any measures put in place to mitigate the large number of deaths.

While I firmly believe that this would not stop the majority of the people from dying, I do believe that there would be a vested interest in not having those deaths occur on the bridge. Also it seems odd since the San Francisco area is know as one of the most intrusive nanny state regions in the country why would there not be some sort of mitigation for this?