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Some days its just not meant to be.

13 Oct

Today just isn’t my day but at least it ended humorously. First the Seattle Seahawks lost. Then after the game we decided to go to Walmart. While we were at the Puyallup Walmart I saw a good price on a rifle that I’ve been looking at but it was out of stock. (Understandable since its the first weekend of deer season). Just for the heck of it we decided to go up to the Bonney Lake Walmart. I got up to the gun counter and tell the guy what I am looking for, he tells me that they have what I am looking for but that their prices is $98 higher than the Puyallup Walmart. I ask him if he can figure out the correct price and match the Puyallup price. He tells me that he really can’t do anything BUT that a different associate who is currently on lunch can. Ok so we end up waiting about 45minutes talk to the other associate. During this time I called the Puyallup Walmart just to double check the price and make sure I wasn’t nuts. After the new guy gets back from lunch I talk to him and realize the first guy was looking at the wrong price. Which explains the $98 price difference. However there is still a $20 price difference between the 2 stores but I am willing to figure that out.
He tells me they don’t have one on the rack but that they have one in the back. Ok, lets do this. ONLY AT THIS POINT does he bring up the fact that they don’t have a manager working to actually conduct a firearms sale.
So I ended up waiting an hour to talk to a guy about a gun? Why did neither associate mention to me that they were incapable of actually conducting a sale.
I understand that while the store is 24hrs not every department can do every sale all of the time. However at the point that I tell the first associate that I am going to wait, one would think that it was a good time to tell me that I can’t actually buy what I am inuring about.
I then get home and find out that my NY Giants are getting blown out in their game as well. I should be disappointed but at this point all I can do is laugh. Of course these are all first world problems so I should just be grateful that these are my biggest concerns.


The gun community and my faith in it.

21 May

It’s no secret that the only real damage to our cause has been done by members of our own community especially recently.

The pro gun groups win in court, we win in most demographic groups and our progress is only slowed by idiots jumping the shark and thinking a low ready rifle should be treated the same as a holstered handgun when out in public.

Frankly this week my faith in our cause was damaged. Until today when I went to the range. A guy about my age brought his mom to the range. Sadly the cheap bulk pack .22lr he had wouldn’t cycle his 10/22. I offered to trade him about 50rounds of CCI mini mags for about 100 rounds of his bulk pack (armscorp). He agreed. So I shot the 100rounds out of my .22 revolver and all was happy.

Then another shooter completely randomly offered to let me shoot his Ruger redhawk in .45lc because he said “it hurts my hand but I love the sound”.

All together it reaffirmed my faith in the gun community after all the junk this week with idiots at chipotle ruining it all for us.

At the range today there was a broad spectrum of ages, cultures and people in general. It reminded me of what we fight for.

On Easter my mom went to the range with my us. It’s the first time she has ever gone with me. She hasn’t touched a gun since before I was born when she took a basic handgun course under the idea that if Dad was going to have guns in the house she should know how to handle and use them.

By the end of the afternoon she was shooting my AR like a pro and shot everything from my .22lr revolver to my M&P pistol. It was a special day for my brother and I to share the hobby that my Dad got us into.

Also it was really pretty amazing to get to shoot with my Dad since we hadn’t been to the range together in years.

My last two range days have really been some of my best for no other reason and they reminded me that gun rights protects really important but sometimes abstract things like freedom and civil society but they also are a great way for families to rally together and spend an afternoon doing something fun. My only regret is that I didn’t get any video of my wife and my Mom shooting side by side. Because that moment was full of so much win I couldn’t contain myself.

Now if only I could replace all the .22lr ammo I’ve shot up recently.


Compact Movie Review “Gravity”

20 Jan

Spectacular is the only way to describe what Sandra Bullock does in this movie.

And just in case you didn’t think that the creators could find a way to get her mostly naked in a movie that takes place in space rest assured they find a way. Frankly I could expound on this movie more but if I start telling you about just about anything it will give something away. All I can say is that yes I have listened to the arguments that Neil Degrasse Tyson brings up on why its all fake but no shit, its George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in space. Also I have a deep hatred for 3D movies weather its realD, Digital3D or mega super extra awesome 3D, it all gives me a headache. However I took the advice of so many people and saw this in 3D Imax and I was very glad that I did.


Compact Movie Review “Captain Phillips”

12 Jan

This movie was frekin spectacular. I’m a nut for any sort of political or military movies and frankly my wife isn’t.

However Captain Phillips crosses that bridge amazingly well. Oh sure it had action and adventure but it was also immensely sad and incredibly suspenseful in sections.

Tom Hanks performed like only he can reminiscent of his stunning job in Cast away.

This isn’t the Forrest Gump Hanks it’s more like be Apollo 13 Tom Hanks. Being a master of the screen regardless of who he shares it with.


Compact Movie Review “American Hustle”

07 Jan

Let me begin by saying that I see a very good number of movies. Probably 25 a year. And I have only ever walked out of three. Those 3 were 1. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. 2. Nights in Rodanthe 3. American Hustle . This movie was pitched as an homage to Goodfellas , the godfather , casino and all the other great gangster movies. Turns out what it should have been pitched as is an episode of Sopranos with more foul language but where nobody dies. The only thing this movie had going for it was the gratuitous use of Amy Adams side boob.


Well they made this easy

01 Nov

Just got this in my inbox. It is an Official video from President Obama’s PAC encouraging us all to preach tea importance of health insurance to our friends and family.

But the best part is when they equate health insurance with joining a cult or the circus. No really go watch for yourself.

Oddly enough they fail to mention the federal fine for NOT enrolling.

Video here


Trust me it’s worth a listen

18 Oct

As many of my readers know I am an avid listener and frequent caller on the squirrel report . Well last night JayG officially announced his new job. I won’t blow it here since I don’t think he has announced it on his blog yet but all I can say is its awesome.

He’s a good guy who has been the driving inspiration for a lot of us to get into blogging.

Also in the same episode we discussed unusual sandwiches and I promised a video of making my personal odd sandwich.

Look forward to that soon as given how excited Breda was about me making the video I think I have to do it now.


The government shutdown and my outlook on it.

04 Oct

Here are my quickly scribbled thoughts on what is now day 3 of this shutdown.

1. It’s virtually inevitable they the employees that have been furloughed will receive backpay just like they did in 1995 so the proper term is really paid vacation. Basically it looks to me like this has about as much effect as the week between Christmas and New Years where it seems like just about everybody is out of their office.

2. Yes I’m tired of both sides whining. The republicans are still bitter that they couldn’t put together a coherent argument to beat Obamacare and the Democrats are doing everything they can to try and prove the importance of their role by making it hurt more, such as shutting WWII veterans out of the national WWII memorial.

3. I hope that we all remember this come election time but I fear that yet again we will have a country that simply votes for the politicians that promise the most free stuff to the most people.

4. I encourage all of you regardless of if you have employer sponsored healthcare to visit the websites for the health care exchanges and look at the prices. At least for my wife and I we realized that the individual mandate to buy a private service was absolutely unreasonable and the prices were bloated due to the red tape included in all of the plans.


I’m glad nobody saw my face during this

22 Mar

Gun geek moment of the day: while reading a facebook post from a gun shop down in Portland I see a gun with the model M&P 10 referenced. I immediately assume that smith and Wesson decided to make 10mm version of their popular M&P pistol. I then get sad to find out that instead it is a reference to the AR-10 so it’s a cool rifle chambered in .308win. Neat but not particularly interesting to me right now.


Weight Watchers Week 23 Update

12 Mar

Ok we are going to forget that I haven’t done one of these in 4 weeks. Not because I haven’t made progress in my weight loss but because ¬†I have been unbelievably frustrated with a million things in my life. Weight loss only being one of them. I have kept the faith and stayed on my points. But I have also made some less than perfect choices in my food selection. This week my wife and I had a long conversation and I decided to try the “simply filling” option from Weight watchers where you only, eat foods from a pre-selected list but you can eat them in an unlimited volume. The biggest thing for me on this is it essentially prevents my wife and I from eating out, this will be a good thing for us because this week I had my first significant weight gain. I gained 2.8lbs. That’s comparable to what I did over the holiday season.

Also my new weight watchers leader which should have started this week was out of town so we had a substitute and next week we will start with our new leader. I am excited to see what she does different than our prior leader. Between the new leader and my new method of food selection I will be living the manta “cautiously¬†optimistic” this week.