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Bushmaster Carbon 15 Follow up Review.

18 Feb

I bought my Carbon-15 on Halloween of 2012. Its no surprise that when I bought it I wasn’t the only person buying an AR at the time. But I didn’t know anybody else with one of these. In fact until about a week prior to buying it I didn’t even know that anybody made a rifle with a carbon/polymer receiver.


All the review that I read on line were terrible for the “1st generation” and pretty solid for the second gen rifles. Well I have now had the rifle for about a year and a half and although I have only put about 12oornds through it. So far it is perfect. One of the debates that happens with this rifle as well as many AR-15 style rifles is that you aren’t supposed to run steel cased ammo through it. Well I am here to say that at least 500 of the 1200 I have but through the gun have been steel. While I understand that it is harder on the gun it has yet to choke and if I experience a FTE I will certainly post about it.

The rifle came with a pretty cheap reddot scope that actually worked really well BUT its still a 1x reddot so I want to put a better scope on it for some longer range shooting because frankly I suck without a little magnification. The rifle also came with a hard sized rifle case that is virtually useless because it doesn’t actually hold the rifle with the scope that they provided mounted. Also although the rifle came with 2 steel 20rnd mags I run pretty much exclusively Pmag-30′s.

So a 16months later the rifle is performing great and as soon as I put a better optic on it should be set up as a nice predator gun. Of course my long term plan is to get a nice .300blk upper and use it as my deer gun but that may take a few more days of overtime to accomplish.

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Compact Movie Review “Lone Survivor”

28 Jan

A few months back I started seeing trailers and advertisements for “Lone Survivor” from those trailers it looked like a really good military action movie. I expected to see this decades “Black Hawk Down” and I was in for that. Then the weekend it came out my twitter feed and Facebook timeline exploded with positive and stunning reviews from everybody all of my friends that have either served in the military or have kids in the military. This changed my entire perspective, now I knew I needed to see this movie but I also knew that it wasn’t going to be a throw away thriller. Instead it was an experience. I actually saw this movie by myself and I am kind of glad I did because it got mighty dusty in that theater at the end. As somebody who has never served in the military this movie reminded me of what is going on in a far off land on a far more often basis than I think I would like to acknowledge. The fact that its been so well received by my friends and family that have been deployed tells me that the produces of this movie got a lot of things right. While I am sure there was some artistic license taken at some point this movie still falls into the category that I would expect it to be shown in High Schools in the next few years.

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Compact Movie Review “Gravity”

20 Jan

Spectacular is the only way to describe what Sandra Bullock does in this movie.

And just in case you didn’t think that the creators could find a way to get her mostly naked in a movie that takes place in space rest assured they find a way. Frankly I could expound on this movie more but if I start telling you about just about anything it will give something away. All I can say is that yes I have listened to the arguments that Neil Degrasse Tyson brings up on why its all fake but no shit, its George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in space. Also I have a deep hatred for 3D movies weather its realD, Digital3D or mega super extra awesome 3D, it all gives me a headache. However I took the advice of so many people and saw this in 3D Imax and I was very glad that I did.

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Compact Movie Review “Captain Phillips”

12 Jan

This movie was frekin spectacular. I’m a nut for any sort of political or military movies and frankly my wife isn’t.

However Captain Phillips crosses that bridge amazingly well. Oh sure it had action and adventure but it was also immensely sad and incredibly suspenseful in sections.

Tom Hanks performed like only he can reminiscent of his stunning job in Cast away.

This isn’t the Forrest Gump Hanks it’s more like be Apollo 13 Tom Hanks. Being a master of the screen regardless of who he shares it with.

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Compact Movie Review “American Hustle”

07 Jan

Let me begin by saying that I see a very good number of movies. Probably 25 a year. And I have only ever walked out of three. Those 3 were 1. The Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie. 2. Nights in Rodanthe 3. American Hustle . This movie was pitched as an homage to Goodfellas , the godfather , casino and all the other great gangster movies. Turns out what it should have been pitched as is an episode of Sopranos with more foul language but where nobody dies. The only thing this movie had going for it was the gratuitous use of Amy Adams side boob.

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Well they made this easy

01 Nov

Just got this in my inbox. It is an Official video from President Obama’s PAC encouraging us all to preach tea importance of health insurance to our friends and family.

But the best part is when they equate health insurance with joining a cult or the circus. No really go watch for yourself.

Oddly enough they fail to mention the federal fine for NOT enrolling.

Video here

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Trust me it’s worth a listen

18 Oct

As many of my readers know I am an avid listener and frequent caller on the squirrel report . Well last night JayG officially announced his new job. I won’t blow it here since I don’t think he has announced it on his blog yet but all I can say is its awesome.

He’s a good guy who has been the driving inspiration for a lot of us to get into blogging.

Also in the same episode we discussed unusual sandwiches and I promised a video of making my personal odd sandwich.

Look forward to that soon as given how excited Breda was about me making the video I think I have to do it now.

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The government shutdown and my outlook on it.

04 Oct

Here are my quickly scribbled thoughts on what is now day 3 of this shutdown.

1. It’s virtually inevitable they the employees that have been furloughed will receive backpay just like they did in 1995 so the proper term is really paid vacation. Basically it looks to me like this has about as much effect as the week between Christmas and New Years where it seems like just about everybody is out of their office.

2. Yes I’m tired of both sides whining. The republicans are still bitter that they couldn’t put together a coherent argument to beat Obamacare and the Democrats are doing everything they can to try and prove the importance of their role by making it hurt more, such as shutting WWII veterans out of the national WWII memorial.

3. I hope that we all remember this come election time but I fear that yet again we will have a country that simply votes for the politicians that promise the most free stuff to the most people.

4. I encourage all of you regardless of if you have employer sponsored healthcare to visit the websites for the health care exchanges and look at the prices. At least for my wife and I we realized that the individual mandate to buy a private service was absolutely unreasonable and the prices were bloated due to the red tape included in all of the plans.

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My perspective on the Starbucks thing.

18 Sep

When this whole Starbucks appreciation day and I love guns and coffee thing kicked off I was tepid in my excitement for it. (Feel free to look back on my archives if you want some proof). I thought it was good that a major company like Starbucks was supporting our freedom but I thought that people were going way overboard.

So now the CEO of Starbucks has posted and open letter¬†politely asking us to stop openly carrying firearms in his stores. When I read the letter basically what I see is that he didn’t ask for his stores to be used as a basis for anyone’s political organization activities and he doesn’t want to participate in the debate. I’m fine with that. He also states he is not posting his stores with “gun free zone” signs. So those of us that carry concealed are still legally just fine to drink coffee armed.

I love the gun community but we do have a habit of overdoing it. When people started carrying long guns into Starbucks and when others made it a point to redesign the Starbucks logo into a pro-gun logo I knew this would eventually happen.

To my fellow advocates that are bashing Starbucks and saying you wont buy their coffee. Well so be it your welcome to eat and drink overpriced coffee anywhere you want but I really don’t see this as an anti-gun move by Schultz I see this as him politely asking us to stop using his private property for our political demonstrations.


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Another busy and fun weekend.

11 Sep

For the past 3 days my lovely wife and I have been celebrating our anniversary. We came home yesterday after driving 449 miles visiting 4 casinos and finding an amazing hotel that we cant wait to return to. Each year my wife and I spend 1 night at a lovely little cottage overlooking Puget sound and stay in the same cabin. Then we find somewhere different for the second night. That’s exactly what we did this time and we loved it. Few things are better than waking up with no agenda and deciding where to go.

Oh sure we could have planned our route more efficiently since a lot of times we visited the same casino more than once but this was about us wandering and enjoying the great weather and each others company.

It was amazing in every way, but alas today its back to work for both of us and I’m just not quite feeling ready to get in the shower so why not stall a little longer and finally post something on the blog right? Maybe later I will expand on this post and fill in all the details of what we did and which places we liked.

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